Bubble Raps

Medium Scale
My Role
App Developer
April 2020 - Jan 2021

The idea for “Bubble Raps” came from my deep love and appreciation for Hip-Hop and my disappointing inability to rhyme. I searched the App Store for ANY kind of rhyming game, but couldn’t find anything that wasn’t some kind of “ABCMouse” app. I figured I couldn’t be the only one interested in improving their rhyming skills, so I decided to build my own rhyme-based game!

The gameplay for Bubble Raps is pretty simple. A single word is presented to the user, to advance to the next round you must tap on all of the bubbles that rhyme with the main word. If the timer runs out or you select 3 wrong answers, the game is over. To monetize this app I added in some unlockables (such as custom themes and category-based word packs). These unlockables can be earned through gameplay or by purchasing coins.

AmazingBubbles was used to provide the “Bubbles” for the main gameplay.

SwiftyStoreKit was used to help simplify the In-App Purchases integration.